Time Capsule For Science

A person can learn a lot about the world of science through time capsules. There have bene time capsules found all around the world. One of the more recent discoveries was found on the Artic Islands. In this time capsule there were a number of discoveries found in the scientific world. The capsule was in the ground for many years. It was found due to the erosion and the shifting of the plates of the Earth. As the sea levels of this area decreased the time capsule became visible. This will give scientists more information they need to study the changes in sea level and the amount of time it took the levels to decrease to expose the time capsule.

ScientistsScientists recently buried a time capsule at the Polish Polar Station which is located in Hornsud, Svalbard. The tube that was used for the time capsule was 60 centimeters long and it was made from a strong metal. Scientists decide to put some carefully selected items into this time capsule. They including a piece of a meteorite that is over 4. 5 billion years old. In this time capsule they also put a piece of basaltic lava. This piece of lave came from a volcano that erupted off the shores of Iceland. There were also pieces of kimberlite as well as small diamonds that were put into this time capsule. Scientists claim that they put this organic matter into the time capsule so geologists of the future would be able to understand the different features from the Earth and some of the different rocks that were found on Earth during a specific time period.

There are some other interesting items that were sealed into the time capsule which was recently buried. The scientists put different samples of DNA into the capsule. They put DNA from humans, rates, and a salmon fish. This will allow scientists to understand the different types of DNA and the features that each one provides. In the capsule was also a potato. A bee that was trapped in resin was included. There was a minuscle aquatic which is known as a water bear that was put into the capsule as well. This small creature is known to be able to survive in a number of harsh conditions. They can survive in a drought, extreme heat, and even when they are subject to extreme levels of radiation.

TIme-Capsule-For-ScienceModern scientist wanted future scientist to know about technology from the current time. They included a number of electronic devices including the smart phones that many people cannot live without. They included a radiation detector as well as an accelerometer. Scientists put credit cards in there as well as pictures of the Earth. Some of the scientists included their fingerprints in the time capsule so others will know who put this together.

A time capsule can help scientists of the future learn about the conditions of the past and may help solve some of the mysteries of the past that may have developed over the year.