for a while I just sit there, in the cooling shade of my favorite tree. everything is perfect. perfect as can be, under my favorite tree that loves and adores the company of me. soon I tire just sitting there, and so I start to climb up its smooth, brown bark...up into the branches so high. I start to slip, but it catches me, and lets me know I'm safe...even when the wind pushes me, and when I look out at the sky up high because its my favorite tree, that loves and adores me.

"favorite tree" sprite04

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About Me, CassyMae

by CassyMae
Grade: 7
State: AL


Hi. I am new here! I am CassyMae, but my real name is Cassandra Mae. Please call me CassyMae, though. I am a triplet of Nikitasha Emily and Annika Grace. They go by Nikki and Annie, however. We are 12 years old. Our birthday is October 22nd. We'll be thirteen, then. Nikki and Annie are my best friends, too. We homeschool and live in America! I have brown hair, just like my triplets. But, I have blue eyes, like Nikki, but Annie has brown. I love hanging out with them, and my church ROCKS! I will be going to seventh grade. Annie is the oldest, then me, then Nikki. I hope I like it here. You should also visit FaithWriters for Kids -! I am a Christian and not ashamed of my Jesus. Well, that's all for now. I might sumbit a few stories here and there, but not many. I am more comfortable submitting them on FaithWriters for Kids, so if you are interested in me or my writings, look for a girl named 'Cassy :)'! Nikki is also on there - she is 'Nikki 8-)' and Annie is 'Annie W.'