for a while I just sit there, in the cooling shade of my favorite tree. everything is perfect. perfect as can be, under my favorite tree that loves and adores the company of me. soon I tire just sitting there, and so I start to climb up its smooth, brown bark...up into the branches so high. I start to slip, but it catches me, and lets me know I'm safe...even when the wind pushes me, and when I look out at the sky up high because its my favorite tree, that loves and adores me.

"favorite tree" sprite04

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by Peacechicky
Grade: 8
State: wi


This is one of my all time favorite poems i doont really know why but I have always loved it:
Petals by Amy Lowell
Life is a stream
On which we strew
Petal by petal the flower of our heart;
The end lost in dream,
They float past our veiw,
We only watch their glad, early start.
Freighted with hope,
Crimsoned with joy,
We skatter the leaves of our opening rose;
Their widening scope,
Their distant employ,
WE shall never know. And the stream as it flows
Sweeps them all away,
Each one is gone
Ever beyond into infinate ways.
We alone stay
While years hurry on,
The flower fared forth, though its fragrence still stays.