for a while I just sit there, in the cooling shade of my favorite tree. everything is perfect. perfect as can be, under my favorite tree that loves and adores the company of me. soon I tire just sitting there, and so I start to climb up its smooth, brown bark...up into the branches so high. I start to slip, but it catches me, and lets me know I'm safe...even when the wind pushes me, and when I look out at the sky up high because its my favorite tree, that loves and adores me.

"favorite tree" sprite04

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Party --

by The_it_girl
Grade: 11
State: Florida


The party is going on just up the block,

the blinds are pulled,
and yet the spot light finds a way to seep in,
the music floods my room,
and I can feel the base in my veins,

There are no spaces outside,
all the spots are taken,
they won't be able to walk,
let alone drive,
so why spend all this time,

desperate for spaces, 
parking on the grass,
just to drink up the block,
on a holiday,
just to fall out of the night,

only to wake up, 
without memories,
take your rowdiness,
it's a school night,
and you're not even irish.