for a while I just sit there, in the cooling shade of my favorite tree. everything is perfect. perfect as can be, under my favorite tree that loves and adores the company of me. soon I tire just sitting there, and so I start to climb up its smooth, brown bark...up into the branches so high. I start to slip, but it catches me, and lets me know I'm safe...even when the wind pushes me, and when I look out at the sky up high because its my favorite tree, that loves and adores me.

"favorite tree" sprite04

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The Impossible Dream

by GretaEleanora
Grade: 9
State: Minnesota


Everyone says my and my "Sweetheart" won't last. But I disagree.Is it possible to love someone more then anything was thought possible?

When they walk away after being with you for 8 hours, you want to cry because you feel alone and broken again. Because when you're with them you feel whole? That is just a small proportion of the feeling I hold for him. 

My Dream is to Marry my "High School Sweetheart" and I will achieve it. We have talked about getting married before... okay, a lot. And I can see it all unfolding. 

Yes, every one says that it is impossible, but I laugh and say "Watch me." 

I love him more than I have ever loved anything. More than what I even imagined what was possible. 

That's why I know my dream is very achievable.