for a while I just sit there, in the cooling shade of my favorite tree. everything is perfect. perfect as can be, under my favorite tree that loves and adores the company of me. soon I tire just sitting there, and so I start to climb up its smooth, brown bark...up into the branches so high. I start to slip, but it catches me, and lets me know I'm safe...even when the wind pushes me, and when I look out at the sky up high because its my favorite tree, that loves and adores me.

"favorite tree" sprite04

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Cant you out my head

by Tb123_go
Grade: 9
State: Mighican


         Your stuck there, i cant get you out. Your a thought with no destination, except for my heart. But i cant let you in, for your far enough now. I belong to another lover. It's not right, to do what im doing. But for some strange reason i just cant let go. I cant live my daily life without you. A secret, our love. Why am i so addicted to do whats wrong? so addicted to have what i dont have. But when i get it i want what i lost. So im scared to make a move. Scared to do the wrong thing. But im scared to put up with what makes me unhappy. Settle for what i love, but that comes with days of frowns instead of smiles. I sit and look at him with nothing but sad bored thoughts. But one thought of you will brighten up my day. Who am i meant to be with? and why cant i let go from you? Why cant i figure out the thoughts that haunt my nightmares.