Signs of Pregnancy Discrimination and When to Hire a Lawyer

Morning sickness, fatigue, a continuously growing midsection are all characteristics of a woman who is pregnant. Though this is a normal occurrence, this things may not always be received well in certain settings. Specifically, when women are working on jobs that do not embrace the fact that a woman can still perform a significant amount of her job functions with ease.

Even so, there are times when some women may experience discrimination when the employer does not particularly favor supporting women during these times. Unfortunately, some of these signs may subtle, while others may scream it is really time for you to go. In either situation, here are 4 common signs of discrimination that identifies when it is time to see a lawyer.

1. Employers Single You Out

If you have a good relationship with your boss and the appears that you work with, you usually feel very comfortable about doing a good job and providing great services. Unfortunately, if you have announced that you are now pregnant and the boss begins to change his or her disposition, you may begin to be singled out.

Even when you are providing the same quality service, you may begin to get ridiculed and singled out for the smallest error. So, it is important to pay close attention to each incident in order to keep track of a pattern of discrimination. In this case, you may want to address your concerns with your management and HR for a resolution. However, if this step is not effective, you can talk to an attorney about the appropriate way to file a lawsuit.

2. Expected Raises and Bonuses Stop Completely

Another situation that some women encounter usually deals with the raises and bonuses promised beforehand. Also, everyone in the office around you gets the praises and the money too.

If this can be traced backed to after the pregnancy, and there are clear signs of discrimination, it may be time to consult with your attorney. Especially, if this form of compensation was previously discussed but now put on hold indefinitely.

3. Assignments Stop Coming

For years you have had more than enough assignments coming your way. In fact, you have always had a large volume of work that filled your calendar. However, once the boss found out that you are now expecting, your calendar is almost completely blank. If the volume of the work has not changed but has been shifted to another employee without notice, you may want to talk to a pregnancy discrimination lawyer that specializes in discrimination as soon as you can make an appointment to go.

4. No More Educational or Training Opportunities

If you need educational and training opportunities to progress on your job, you do not want to miss out on chances to go while you are still able to work.

Pregnant Woman
In fact, if training is a regular part of the job and the natural ladder to progression, these opportunities should not arbitrarily stop. If this happens to you, you should talk to a lawyer about these warning signs too. Especially, if these educational and training opportunities will affect your future income and your promotions to the next level.