Writing 50,000 Words In 30 Days

There is a contest that is held for writers. Thousands of aspiring authors voluntarily take on the challenge to write a novel that is 50,000 words in one month. This contests in known as the National Novel Writing Month or for short NaNoWriMo.

WritingThis contest was designed to challenge aspiring writers. They need to create on average a story with 1,667 words a day. This will help the writer pace their writing so they will finish the novel by the day that it is due. There are around 30,000 writers that take place in this contest. The writers come from all over the world.

This contest began in 1991. The contest was the idea of a freelance writer named Chris Baty. He got together with 20 other writers in the san Francisco area and talked about what they wanted to do. They wanted people to take notice of them and the work that they were doing. They decided as authors to do something to challenge others. Baty has even said this contest was in part started because the group of authors had nothing better to do at the time. This contest started off with just their group of writers. They found that the contest was fun so they next year they opened it up and another 140 people decided to test their writing abilities as well.

The contest was a success and Baty turned over the management of this writing competition to the Office of Letters and Light which is based in Oakland, California. This organization is supported by donations. With the increasing popularity of this contest they have opened more than 500 chapters that are located all around the world. In the last contest there were 256,618 participants. Out of this number there were 36,843 people that won and were able to complete this challenge.

ContestThere are a number of people that have an interest in participating in this contest. In some cases a writer may have started a novel but they have not gotten around to finishing it. They may have put the novel down. This contest will help the author get back to work. They have a specific date in which their work needs to be finished by. This is good for an author that is writing a book but does not get around to adding to it often. People are also striving to see if they can live up to the challenge. This is a lot of information to put down in a short period of time. The novel needs to have an introduction, rising and falling events, as well as a conclusion. It can take an author years to complete their work and this contest only gives them 30 days. Many authors are up for the challenge and they want to see if they can accomplish this task. They are willing to test their writing skills as well as their creativity to meet the challenge and get their novel finished within 30 days.