5 Quirky Things to Do in Saint Louis

For the individuals who are interested in visiting Saint Louis for a holiday for fun, it is just the right place. For those who a sense of adventure and love to explore new and quirky things for fun, Saint Louis does have a lot to offer for you. The place is well endowed with things that might interest you.

Before leaving for Saint Louis, you need to search to see what amazing things you are likely to find. From the search, you can prepare a list of things that you could explore for your holiday during summer or a vacation. Here are five of the quirky things that you can engage in soonest you set your holiday for Saint Louis.


Everyone is free to access the Forest Park. It is the place where the Turtle Park is located at the southern edge. The park is equipped with concrete turtles, seven of them and one snake sculptured on the ground. The playground is a quirky place to hang around with family or friends.

For those who love taking photos, one can take from any angle they would wish. For those who have posted their photos on the internet after visiting it, you would want to be there too. Some take photos while inside the mouth of the large sculptures!


The first floor of the main building is the home to enormous Bow-head Whale that one sees on the way to view the large fish tank that is viewed from the mezzanine. The largest mosaic in the US is found on the first floor of the main building of the museum. The floors are filled with quirky things that one can’t resist from wanting to see.

museum of city

More so the rooftop. It has a small pond with stepping stone that runs from one side to the other. There is a school bus that hangs extensively past the edge of the edge of the walls of the building. There is also an aluminum dome that is free standing with a giant rope that is swinging. At the same time, the impeccable giant metallic playing mantis is on the roof. The museum has more than mentioned, you have got to visit it.


This is a strange place that those who come from cities should visit especially those who ever wanted to feel like they were in a science fiction movie. The site is a man-made mountain that is composed of more than one million cubic yards that are filled with asbestos, PCBs, TNT, radioactive radium and uranium, mercury and other debris remains of the US largest explosive factory. It would be fun to climb the hill and enjoy the incredible radioactivity stuff on the site.


There are lots of places to chill with friends and family especially when it comes to escape room. There are many destinations for such games in Saint Louis. The games are organized for friends and family including strangers. The organizers design the games so complex, fun and engaging. The anxiety to solve the puzzles I what is quirky and you should visit one of the places offering such games and test your wit and that of your friend.


Part of the museum is an ice cream parlor while the other is a wax museum. In it, you will find things that are weird and quirky. There are life-size people put on a display that are cast forever in wax. They range from monsters to movies stars. You have to visit it and see what it has got for you.
These are not the only weird and amazing things that you will find at Saint Louis. There are many others. Research before visiting to see what you can do during the limited time that you will be having during your stay in Saint Louis. It is a home for many things. You cannot visit all in one vacation. You can have a new experience for more than five holidays.