Is Scottsdale a Good Place to Live

Living in Scottsdale city in Arizona is the dream of each person approaching retirement time. The city has gained a lot of popularity as a town full of luxuries. Most of its residents love the place and is an excellent place to raise your family if your plan to move to the southeast side of the desert. Making a step to move to Scottsdale assures you of a lifestyle full of all kind amenities. Also, the city has many outdoor and sporting activities to help make your stay here fantastic.

Maybe you are wondering if Scottsdale Arizona is a right place for you to live. In this article, we take you through a list of reasons why you need to move to Scottsdale today.

1. Quality Public Schools

If you are a parent and wondering about the quality of your children’s education, Scottsdale is the place for you. Here they have been ranked as the best in providing quality education services.


They have approximately 65 schools here with qualified educators. Some of the public schools available in the area include BASIS Scottsdale, Basis Scottsdale Primary School, Phoenix Union Bioscience High School, Mission Montessori Academy, among others. These schools rank among the best in Arizona State. They also have among the best university and college schools.

2. Family Friendly Downtown

The city’s downtown is nowadays full of scottsdale condos for sale and urban housing that is affordable to all. This downtown area has among the best art markets in the country with over 70 galleries in place. For back to school shopping, Scottsdale Fashion Square will offer you with all that you need. It also has an excellent selection of hotels and restaurants where you can take your meal as you enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

3. Family Sports

If you love games, Scottsdale is your place. It is known for its golf legends, with the “Waste Management Phoenix Open” the tournament that is most-attended globally.

It is also known to have a rich culture in basketball games, fantastic baseball training seasons for some pro teams as well as the local Scottsdale Scorpions. Also, you can enjoy the fiesta bowl for college schools and the Cactus Bowl at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

4. Recreation Services

If you love to enjoy happy times with your family, Scottsdale is full of different recreational services waiting for you. You will have a chance to experience the Scottsdale Sports Complex, and numerous award-winning parks, and recreation centers in the city.


Enjoy more than 51 golf courses, and if you love to have daily morning runs, there are 45 miles of paved paths for you. You can also find a great route for your cycling activities here.


There are a lot of reasons why it is recommendable for you to select Scottsdale as your next landing home place. However, this comes with one main disadvantage which is the higher cost of living. Scottsdale cost of living is 48.7% higher than the nation’s cost of living. The high cost of living comes with housing as the most significant factor that brings about this difference. However, with all that you will have access to and the classy living style, it is worth the price

Having a healthy and family-friendly environment is the best way to raise your family. If you want to try a new home area, try Scottsdale Arizona today. Here, you will have access to all social and recreational amenities your family needs to stay happy.