5 Things to Know About Italian Cuisine

The Italian cuisine is one of the most simple and interesting cuisines in the world. It is appreciated by both the old and the young, Italians and non-Italians. The main reason for this appreciation is because it’s very varied and provides many choices to satisfy every desire. Another reason is that Italy is a country with such an old history and over the years, the influx of different people traveling through this wonderful country have left their mark. How do you know about the Italian cuisine? In this article, we will be discussing some of the things you need to know about this popular cuisine.

The Italian Cuisine is Seasonal in Nature

The nature of Italian foods depends on the season, which means that different seasons bring different ingredients. Therefore, they don’t rely that much on the use of spices to flavor their meats.

Italian Cuisine

Their sauces, meats, and pastas have already fresh flavors of their own and Italians just add spices to enhance their dishes’ natural tastes. Giving utmost importance to fresh ingredients, Italian kitchens serve winter cuisine and summer cuisine differently.

The Italian Pizza is Simple

When ordering for the Italian pizza, don’t expect a thicker one with a spongy crust. These thick pizzas were not invented in Italy. Italian pizzas have a thin crust and the toppings are much simpler as compared to what is done in other countries. And, be careful about pepperoni and peperoni.

When ordering, be sure to specify that you want the pepperoni pizza if you want the meaty option. If you don’t specify, you may end up getting the peperoni one, which is a vegetarian pepper pizza.

Italian Cuisines Vary From Region to Region

The cuisine from South Italy is different since the people here consume more fish in their diet. Generally, their dishes are healthier and lighter. One factor that makes their diet healthy is the use of virgin oil in most of their dishes. For this reason, medical studies show that they’re one of the healthiest people in the world.

Most Americans are familiar with the Northern Italian cuisine, where the dishes are loaded with rich white sauces and cheese. To enjoy the uniqueness and differences of the cuisines from different regions look for an italian restaurant near me and enjoy yourself.

Light Breakfast Followed by Heavy Lunch

The Italian breakfast is very simple, with only some coffee, bread, cookies and pastries. Don’t expect the Italian breakfast to be large with bacon, beans, sausages and eggs.


The larger meals are lunch and dinner. Even supper, Italians prefer keeping it simple. Lunch may be three-course or four-course, coupled with a bottle of wine. It’s also worth noting that Italians prefer wine over soda, due to the wonderful benefits it has to the body.

Salad is Not an Appetizer

When it comes to the Italian Cuisine, salad isn’t an appetizer. Most people eat their salads before meals, but Italians prefer eating theirs after meals. They do this because the roughage helps in the digestion of food after eating. Also, the salad is very simple, with vinegar and virgin olive oil being the most necessary requirements.

These are some of the things you need to know about the Italian cuisine. If you are going to an Italian restaurant for the first time, it’s a good idea to get rid of the preconceived notions you may have. Go with an open mind, and be ready to experience one of the best cuisines in the world.